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Plumbing home inspection

plumbing home inspection

The importance of plumbing inspection


Our plumbing systems receive very little attention until there's a problem.


Purchasing a new home? At Bartnicki Inspections,  we include a detailed plumbing inspection in our home inspection and condominium inspection reports. It’s also important to check your plumbing at least once a year like you do with your heating and air conditioning unit.


It is imperative to examine a house's plumbing plan thoroughly to prevent any unforeseen circumstances later on, ensuring a flawless drainage system in your home.


Here are a few things we look for when inspecting plumbing:


We will run the faucet for the hose, the fixture valve, and the toilet flush.


We look for potential issues related to water distribution, and present the repair options in a detailed inspection report provided within 24 hours.


The detailed home plumbung inspection report will mention and describe the following: 


1 - Check the condition of the faucets and fixtures

2 - The presence of broken or faulty connections ( potential problems and/or cross connections)

3 – The presence of yellow water and rust stains on sump pumps and drainage pits.

4 - Issues in the flow of water through the plumbing fixtures if they don't function normally

5 - Checking the back flow valves is also included in the inspection


In addition to yearly inspections, home buyers and sellers should get their plumbing systems checked to avoid unpleasant surprises.


So have your plumbing inspected even though it is going fine now, and it is important to be informed that other plumbing problems can come up before your next inspection.


Finding a professional you can trust is important if you want the job done right.


Contact Bartnicki Inspections, certified master home inspector, to get your plumbing inspected the right way. Our home inspectors serve residents in Saint-Lazare, Hudson, Rigaud and surrounding areas of Montreal.

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