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How clean and safe is the air and water in your home?

We spend so much time and effort on repairing and beautifying our home, but little thought is given to the air we breathe and the water we drink.  Nothing could be more important to your family's health.


mold air.jpg

Poor indoor air quality is one the  biggest health hazards to your family. Some of the worst polluters of the air you breathe hit right where you live!  The presence of mold, harmful particles in the air, CO2,, Radon, and  other silent pollutants in  homes can cause serious health issues.  This is true even in new construction

We use the latest technology, and can test 'on the spot' for many of these pollutants.  


Cost $150 per sample, 2-3 samples suggested (one/floor + one outside):

  • Particulates (mold, spores, mites) in the air

  • VOCs, CO2, carbon monoxide, formaldehydes

Glasses of Water


How often have you stopped to think about what’s really in our water? A lot can happen between the water treatment plant and your faucet—things like broken water mains or corroded water supply lines, both of which can introduce contaminants. If you use well water, your water supply may be at an even greater risk of contamination from chemicals and pollutants.

Cost $150/test, both below highly recommended:

  • Microbiology/pathogen Test;  detects harmful bacteria and various coliforms

  • Harmful chemicals Test:  detects the levels of fluorides, nitrates, arsenic, manganese, lead, uranium and other harmful chemicals

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